3 Corrugated Solutions to Improve Plant Safety

3 Corrugated Solutions to Improve Plant Safety

June marks National Safety Month! Created by the National Safety Council, this month is meant to “increase public awareness of safety and health risks within the workplace.” In 2020, there were 373,300 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses recorded in the manufacturing industry alone. Though this number dropped by 10% from 2019, safety measures should remain a high priority for the corrugated industry. To close out National Safety Month, we have highlighted 3 corrugated solutions to improve safety in your converting operations.

#1 Ohio Blow Pipe – Airscreen Micro

    Dust, bacteria, and other airborne particles are the microscopic pest corrugators and converters must battle daily to keep their workers safe and machines running. Excessive exposure to harmful dust and particles can build up and lead to long-term and life-threatening respiratory problems. Depending on the type of airborne particle, workers are at risk of catching occupational asthma, irritation of the eyes, skin, or throat, or respiratory diseases like pneumonia or lung cancer. To prevent these avoidable illnesses, Ohio Blow Pipe created the “Ductless” Dust filtration system - the Airscreen Micro. This Industrial Air Cleaner filters contaminants like dust particles, virus droplets, asbestos, smoke and more, keeping your employees safe. With the rise of airborne illnesses and public health concerns, the Airscreen Micro is the perfect solution to improve your indoor air quality and worker safety.

    #2 C&M Conveyor Transfer Cars

    Material handling systems eliminate the need for manual lifting and moving, but they come with the dangers of operating large machinery. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 1,200 fatal injuries occurred in 2020 within material moving occupations. To move large loads safely and efficiently for longer distances, C&M Conveyor engineered the Power Transfer Car (PTC). Capable of carrying up to 10,000lbs, these transfer cars are equipped with laser sensors that stop the car when obstructions are detected in the car aisle. This material handling solution is available as a fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual system. All cars are equipped with manual controls at one end, within a “safeguard” area to always ensure operator safety.

    1. PARA – Prefeeder

    According to the CDC, one of the top three “leading causes of work-related injuries treated in an emergency department was contact with objects and equipment.” A key innovation that has not only increased uptime and productivity, but also removes operators from manually handling, moving, or being in contact with machinery, is automation. “Worker on-the-job injuries have been falling for years. While there are a number of different reasons for this, it’s impossible to deny that automation has played a big part in these improvements to worker safety,” says Forbes. With PARA’s fully automatic prefeeders, operator safety is prioritized as the machine is equipped with readily accessible lock-out pins and the entry of the feeder is equipped with a walk-through safety controlled by safety PLC.

    Prioritize Safety with Corrugated Solutions

    With the mission to assist box manufacturers around the country, Corrugated Solutions provides a complete line of equipment, retrofits, and upgrades, designed with operator safety in mind. With continued concerns of operator shortages in the industry, it’s important to value your employee's safety and reduce the risk of injury whenever possible. Our team of experts is here at every step of the capital equipment purchase process to help you source the right solutions that keep your plant running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. To learn more about Corrugated Solutions or discuss safety within the corrugated industry, contact us today!