C&M Conveyor

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C&M Full Corrugated Solutions List

Conveyor Systems

  • Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor (PARC)
  • Power Live Roller Conveyor (PLR)
  • Mesh-Top Belt Conveyor (MTC)
  • Chain-Driven Live Roller Conveyor (CDLR)
  • Mesh Ball (MBC) Bundle Conveyor
  • Mesh Ball (MBC) Rotator Conveyor
  • Ball Belt Bundle Repositioning Device
  • Non-Power Roller Conveyor (NP)


  • Automatic Chain Transfer Device (ACT)
  • Pop-Up Pusher Device (PUP)
  • Right Angle Transfer (RAT)
  • Centering Device (CD)
  • Turntable (TT) - Ring & Cross Arm Design
  • Turntable (TT) - Pivot-Post Design
  • Power Pivoting Conveyor (PPC)
  • Power Rotating Device (PRD)
  • Load Tiering Device
  • Pallet Dispenser
  • Desheeter

Specialty Devices

  • Roller Belt Transfer (DARB)
  • Active Roller Belt Transfer (ARBT)

Roll Handling

  • Mesh-Belt Roll Track
  • ET Manual Roll Track System
  • Flush Floor Roll Kickers and Roll Catchers
  • Lift & Square and Roll Preparation Stations
  • Pull Dolly Track Systems

Control Systems

  • Standard Strapping Controls (STRAP)
  • Enhanced Bar Code Systems (BAR)
  • Computer Inventory Management System (CIMS)


  • Power Transfer Car (PTC)
  • Power Shuttle Car - PSC (Operator Driven)
  • Power Shuttle Car - PSC (Parallel Application)
  • Power Shuttle Car - PSC (Perpendicular Application)


  • Powered Fork Truck Entry Station (PFTS)
  • Mesh Belt Powered Fork Entry
  • Slide Plate (SP)