OBP AIRSCREEN® MICRO Industrial Air Cleaner
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OBP AIRSCREEN® MICRO | Industrial Air Cleaner

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AIRSCREEN Micro “Ductless” Industrial Air Cleaner

  • Filters high load particulate concentrations common in facilities using a self-adjusting motor to maintain a constant cfm level as the filter loads.
  • An Indicator lights displays unit on and when to replace filter, based customer parameters to balance of energy consumption and filter replacement cost.
  • Quiet operation that can be used in office, auditorium, or conference room environment.
  • Creates a healthier, more productive work environment with less absenteeism and offers clean breathing air.
  • Eliminates tobacco smoke, weld smoke, dust, asbestos, viruses, oil mist, and particles of all sizes down to ultra-fines.

(A fortune 200 household brand manufacturing company study concluded that ½ of their absenteeism or 3 days/year are related to Indoor Air Quality)



Dust Filtration

  • A perfect solution where source capture of dust is not practical or working, such as converting equipment, baler or shredder.
  • Captures airborne sub-micron dust particles that impact human health and wellness.
  • Keeps fine explosive dust particles from settling on surfaces.
  • Reduces housekeeping expenses.
  • Saves premature wear and energy costs on plant heating and ventilation equipment.

Virus Filtration (Coronavirus/Covid-19 and others)

  • Options and models that can filter your work environment air and screen viruses at levels equal to or better than operating room requirements.
  • Infectious droplets are generally larger than 1 micrometer and we recommends ePM1 filters or higher to provide significant greater filtering and virus protection.
  • Aligns to Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidance for Employers to address Covid-19 with “Improving the building ventilation systems”
  • Less sick days as airborne viruses are filtered.
  • Reduces dust and other particulates at the same time as filtering viruses.

AIR image™ Sensor (Optional)

  • Portable Unit to monitors the particulate concentration, temperature, and humidity of the air in an environment.
  • Produces air quality reports (in real-time or historical data mapping) and can alert of need for filter change on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Reduces energy consumption.

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