PARA CRAB Corrugator Reel Handling System
Corrugator Reel Handling System
Corrugated Reel Handling System
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PARA CRAB Corrugator Reel Handling System

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The CRAB® Reel Handling System can pick up or set down large reels, either from floor-level acetal belt conveyors or from chain conveyors usually provided by the corrugator. With its crab-like claws, the CRAB® system can also pick up and lay down reels on the floors along the route (equipped with antiroll wedges), and with a stocking function for the reels, can stock unused reels until they are ready to transport. With loading/unloading on either side, the CRAB® reel handling system transports one reel at a time to/from the corrugator lines. This system increases plant safety and efficiency, as well as reduces damage to your reels caused by human error.

Reel Handling System Features

  • Automatic load/unload
  • Dual side load/unload
  • Easy-to-operate HMI
  • Increase plant safety
  • Reduce handling damage
  • Improve production efficiency

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