C&M Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor
C&M Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor
Accumulating Roller Conveyor Specs
Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor
Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor

C&M Power Accumulating Roller Conveyor

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The belt-driven roll conveyor from C&M Conveyor with 2-1/2" "Drop-In" Rollers on 3" centers utilizes air-mounted pressure racks to drive separate sections of the conveyor as required for areas of separate control. This roller conveyor is of modular design, consisting of a Drive, Take-Up and (as required) Midsections, which can be extended to a maximum of 50' on a single drive, and structurally can handle up to 3,000 lbs. per foot. Air mounts can be provided as "shared," which is commonly utilized in contact accumulation, or "double" to provide individual control for each midsection for zones or non-contact type accumulation.

Roller Conveyor Features

Drive Sections: Freestanding "weldments" available in lengths from 3' through 6'-6'' in 3'' increments. Additional cross bracing is provided to minimize flexing of unit.

"Drop-In" Rollers: Eliminates pinching hazards and provides maintenance access to drive and controls.

End Guards: Safety Guards are provided at the ends of Drive or Take-Up Sections, which are exposed to cover moving drive components.

Drive Motor Disconnects: Three-phase switches provided for all drive motors, which conform to the maintenance "lock-out/tag-out" requirements.

Internal Photoeyes: All photoeyes are mounted underneath the conveyor to eliminate tripping hazards and protect them from damage.

Normally Off Controls: Drive Motor is energized only when material is present on the conveyor which reduces unwanted wear on the conveyor and provides energy conservation for the end user.

Crosswalks: Employee crossover is provided with "drop-in" crosswalks. These units simply replace a roller and can be easily added or moved when required.

Zero Energy Compliance: Electrical and Pneumatic Disconnects at the Control Panel allow system to be totally disabled including the exhaust of trapped air in the system. OSHA Regulation #29CFR1910.147.

Installation Materials (optional): Engineered Conduit Layouts and prelabeled Wire Bundles allow installation downtime to be minimized.

Chain-Assist Rollers (optional): Chain-Driven Rollers are provided at the ends of drives and/or take-up sections when drive is required to the end rollers.

Roller Surfacing (optional): Load Carrying Rollers can be "knurled" to provide additional drive in pallet applications.


Roller Conveyor Specifications

  • Sideframes: 5'' x 6.7# Structural Channel with 1/4'' x 2-1/2'' "drop-in" roller support bar.
  • Load Carrying Rollers: 2-1/2'' O.D. x 10 Ga. wall "Drop-In" Style.
  • Pressure & Return Rollers: 2-1/2'' O.D. x 10 Ga. wall "Spring Retained."
  • Pressure Racks: 2'' x 2'' x 1/4'' Structural Angle Weldment with 6'' dia. Air Mounts.
  • Support Legs: Full-width weldment, which is free standing and supports the conveyor at each Midsection joint (except Drives & Take-Ups).
  • Belting: 15'' wide Nylock cord woven with PVC face providing 120 lbs. per inch of width tensile strength.
  • Voltage: System Voltage is 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz with 115 volt, single-phase control voltage.
  • Motor: 1HP or 1-1/2HP.

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